Say Goodbye to All the Horse Race Betting Myths

Say Goodbye to All the Horse Race Betting Myths

Horse racing is one of the famous sports in the United States, and many people gamble money on such sports. People bet on their favorite horses and the one which wins the race. The person who has placed a bet on the winner gets all the money. However, there are some myths related to this activity. These myths are listed below.

Horse race is based on luck

It is true that one might lose the bet because the horse has been performing badly or the horseman made a few mistakes. However, we cannot blame that on luck. Just like poker, you might be having a bad day or some things may not be working out, but it is not because of your luck. Horse race betting purely depends on your skills and how your bet.

You should get rid of the horses that were away for 6 months or more

The owner must think and take a close look at these horses. The owner needs to find out how the horse has performed in the past, and whether it has been shipped to a nicer track. Hence such horses must not be abandoned.

You should never bet on that horse which is trying something different

Some people say that change is good, however this is not true. Betting on 4-5 horses won’t help you to make profits. One must bet on those horses which are trying new distances. However, if the horse is showing a different behavior, it is suggested that you closely examine performance, but do not bet on it.

Some old myths

It has been said that you might get lucky every now and then, but the closer you get to the horse race finishing line, the chances of you loosing are more. This is not true. Everything mostly depends on the skills of horseman and health of the horse you choose to bet on.

The favorite horses are favored during a horse raced

  • People think that the race tracks only want their favorite horses to win, which is untrue because they are not getting any profit out of this.
  •  The horse race track earns the same money even if their favorite horse wins. 
  • The best thing that could happen on a race track is that the favorites win with a mixture of long shots.
  • A mixture of the winning horses is ideal in a race track.

Money that is meant for other things never wins

This means that the money which is meant for household stuff or even for personal use, will never win you a horse race bet. This is untrue, as the betting industry doesn’t care where the money is coming from and what it was saved for. It is recommended that you bet as if this is the last dollar you are left with. In other words, bet wisely.

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